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From my good friend and colleague, Annie Wenz – kayaking gypsy shaman folk nurse!

Hello Beautifuls!

I thought I’d send this out in case maybe just maybe some of you have in your hearts &/or pocketbooks to contribute to an absolutely wonderful cause/song camp for teens age 12-18, sponsored by “Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas & Texas Folk Music Foundation” (Our friends at The Kerrville Folk Festival)

The camp is SUCH an AMAZING gift! Many of these kids have at least 1 parent in Iraq, & most of them come from incredibly difficult situations. Music has been the perfect tool for bringing them together, building their self esteem, teaching them leadership skills & giving them hope!

They are actually the most diverse group I’ve ever worked with. (this will be my 3rd year teaching) They arrive from various areas around Texas not knowing each other, keeping to themselves, initially, shy insecure & out of their element. Within 24 hours, they stand arm in arm, cheering each other on, laughing, crying, sharing the joy of music & art. They are totally transformed.

Cost of sponsoring 1 teen is just $50 (but even part of that would be a huge help) Also if anyone out there just won the lottery, we are also in need of a “food sponsor”- that will cost $1500. (if not, we’ll just feed them bread & water & maybe some wild grapes & armadillos from the ranch ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

This years music instructors are myself; Tom Prasada Rao; Donna & Kelly of “Still on the Hill” & Roy Wooten of Bela Fleck; Texas artists Frank Meyer & Bill Oliver, & Poetry instructors Tim Mason and Jena Gessaman.

It is SUCH an honor to share music with these kids. I know we are making a huge difference in their lives as we pass the torch of music & community.

If you are at all able to donate even a bit, please contact:

Jon F. Charles (Camp Director)
304 W. Ave B
Killeen, Texas 76541
(254) 699-5808 Ext. 106
(512) 525-9037 Cell
Deputy Chief Professional Officer
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas

or Dalis Allen

Annie Wenz
Player of Harleys/Guitar/Piano/Drums/Indigenous Flutes

Stay tuned to this category, I will be posting more opportunities to do good in the world, and inspiring stories about people doing good deeds (unless those end up in my Inspiration Category! ๐Ÿ˜€)

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October 2021